Do not panic ! Our wool or cotton clothes will forgive you all the tasks, provided:

- act quickly,

- to place under the garment a clean and absorbing cloth,

- never put hot water on a greasy stain,

- to entrust the garment to a specialist in case of doubt.

If you decide to handle the task yourself, follow our advice depending on the type of task:

BUTTER, GREASE, OILS, SAUCES: Scrape off the surface with a spoon or knife. Dab with cotton soaked in trichlorethylene. Wash if possible.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Remove the largest with absorbent rags. Apply a 90 ° solution of water and alcohol to the task.

MUD: Allow to dry and then brush. Rub with a solution made of 1 tablespoon of ammonia for 1 liter of water.

SPARK PLUG: Scrape lightly to remove as much candle as possible. Iron with a blotting pad between the iron and the fabric.

COFFEE, TEA: Combine alcohol and white vinegar. Soak the area with this solution. Slowly sponge.

MILK COFFEE, CHOCOLATE: Rub round on the edges of the task with a solvent then proceed like coffee.

CAMBOUIS, TAR: Dab with a cloth soaked in White Spirit. Finish with cotton soaked in trichlorethylene.

CIRCLE, FARD, LIP RED: Dab with a cloth soaked in turpentine.

TUBE GLUE: Remove as much glue as possible. Dab with a cloth soaked in acetone or nail polish remover.

CARPENTER GLUE: Remove as much glue as possible. Dab with a cloth soaked in warm water.

CHEWING-GUM: Dilute it with acetone or solvent. Remove it with a clean cloth.

INK: Dab with White Spirit then white vinegar or 90 ° alcohol.

FRUIT, FRUIT JUICE, RED WINE: Rub with a mixture of 3/4 of alcohol at 90 ° and 1/4 of water. If necessary, complete with hydrogen peroxide.

HERBE: Soap carefully or dab with alcohol at 90 °.

MILK, EGG: Dab with White Spirit cotton. Repeat with alcoholic water and vinegar.

OIL PAINT: Remove as much paint as possible. Apply turpentine. Wash if possible.

RUST: Buy an anti-rust product.

BLOOD: Spong. Apply pure vinegar. Rinse with cold water. Wash if possible.

URINE: Take action as soon as possible. Spark the maximum. Treat with vinegar. Act as for blood.

NAIL VARNISH: Dab with a cloth soaked in acetone.