Kabic (kabig) for women made of wool OLYMPIE 2

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Kabic (kabig) for women,  traditional Breton coat, very comfortable straight cut. 

Our clothes have a history...

Before being handed the name "kabig" (from the Breton word, “kab”, meaning cloak, with “ig” added on the end), the “kab-aod” seafaring cloak was a hooded jacket designed in the 19th century by “goémoniers” (seaweed farmers) in the Finistère region, to protect themselves against bad weather.

It would then go on to be worn by Breton sailors, local bourgeoisie and holiday makers, as well as by supporters of Breton culture and Bagad musicians (Breton bands). It also became the everyday coat worn by all 1960s Breton schoolchildren.

The kabic (kabig) for women designed for decades by Dalmard Marine is a three-quarter coat (length: 90 cm) of tight woven wool (100% French waterproof wool sheet in navy colors, other colors 80% waterproof wool, 20% polyamide ). It has a hood, a double notched pocket on the front and fins at the shoulder seam to prevent runoff of water. Its diamond buttons, called "cabillots", are cut from boxwood. The notching of the seams is supposed to avoid wear.
The wool used combines warmth, comfort, impermeability and resistance. Woven with selected fibers and specially treated wool, it guarantees the best use and the greatest comfort and protects you effectively from cold, wind and rain.

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