DETROIT OR Waisted pea coat women made of wool

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DETROIT OR waisted pea coat for women, 100% waterproof wool, 2 exterior pockets, gold metal buttons, marine anchor, length: 77 cm.

How to wear it?

Warm, timeless and very feminine, the DETROIT OR pea coat will bring a marine touch to your outfit, a pea coat to wear in town or by the sea.                                      

Designed in French waterproof wool 

Over four generations, Dalmard Marine favors French raw materials in particular the French waterproof wool for the manufacture of its warm pieces. Thick andexible at the same time, it is an insulating,breathable and comfortable fabric. Fromspinning to nishing, their manufacturingprocess is a guarantee of quality. The felting process makes it possible to obtain a dense and very strong fabric.

Due to the high density of the material after this operation, the fabric is water- and windproof. The sheet also undergoes an anti-pilling treat-ment which gives it a firmer hand.

Our clothes have a history...

It was the first European sailors in the 15th century who normalised the use of this warm, waterproof garment. They reportedly brought back and altered a little cloak from the Maghreb, which was locally known as a “qaba” and worn by the Barbary pirates.With wide crossed lapels which could be folded back on the chest, the pea coat allowed sailors to protect themselves against bad weather and the dampness aboard the ship.

The pea coat was customised by the Royal Navy from the 1800s. In France, it was described, for the first time, in a letter from the Minister of the Navy in 1845. From then on, the pea coat became a must-have fashion item. It has inspired the great fashion designers: Yves Saint Laurent in 1962, followed by Jean- Paul Gaultier and Yohji Yamamoto. 

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